Wednesday 26 February 2014

finishing a old job, starting a new one

After feeling for sometime that i was getting stale and part of the furniture in my last job, i finaly found a new one.
Leaving a any job which you've been in for over ten years is never going to be easy, but, the job i had was also i very fond hobby of mine: cycling, it will be intesting only working on my own bikes from now on, and talking to like mined people about cycling rather than people who want a bicycle to last forever and will only pay the same price as a cheap blu-ray player.

About my new job: its quieter than the last, and not forward facing so i don't deal will the public on a daily basis. Which is good as i feel that my speech is getting worse with my old age, or maybe it was just my body's way of getting me to find some place new.

Only time will tell....