Tuesday 14 January 2014

a old Halo 1 review

you have team mates in quite a few of the levels but in all but one level [where you protect the captain] you can either kill or protect them and fight with them. the A.I. is so good there's no leading them around while they face a wall or bang into stuff they all act as a real team: jumping into a vehicle when you do, storming a building together, in a fire fight running to save there buddies. there's not meny weapons to pick up and your find yourself having one or two faves and sticking with them all through to the end of the game, plus only being able to have two guns on you at one time means you really choose wisely! having your left arm to throw grenades means there's no changing weapons to use them e.g.: opening a door, spraying the room inside with gun-fire, and then quickly finally throwing in a grenade afterwards.
everything is done very realistically and tactics play a large part in the game: lets get my team mates to take out as much as they can before they all die and then i'll go in and finish off the rest!, going in the front way? ok, but be prepared for a big fire fight...

take the back route and snipe them one by one for a easy kill, take on more than a few enemies at once with no cover and you die, jump into a gun emplacement and yes you've got bags of firepower but your a sitting duck for a air strike say.

one of my favourite parts in the game is where two aliens wearing stealth suits come into a room where you've just been stocking up on ammo, relaxing for a few seconds after a blood filled five minutes.... a door opens a little way off.... you only hear the

little sound of the door opening.... you spin round.. "what was that?".... this is where you just fire into the room blind and see if you hit anything! [even with your torch on, its very hard to see these guys]

there's just so many little details in the game to tell you all of them, like, if your able to hit a guy out of a speeder without damaging it you can then get in it and 'speed' off! or in two player: say you drive the vehicle with player two on the back firing away as you go, then you get out while your team mate is still firing and he can cover you!

its been done with the up most care in every way

one of the only gripes i have is that there is no long term smoke after effects like in Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, oh yes there's smoke coming out of your muzzle, burning spaceships lying on the ground after you've shot them down, grenade 'dust', atmospheric perspective [things in the distance you can hardly see], lens flares, real-time lighting affects on everything [a bad guy in a dark room only shows up when his gun is fired], to name but a few. but still no walking into a smoke filled room blind,

which lets be truthful was one of the best things about one player Goldeneye.

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