Sunday 11 February 2018

some advice from a fellow stutterer

i can give only give you some feedback on my experiences, so here goes:

never, ever, ever, finish sentences off for them, it belittles the person and just makes the situation even worse
closing your eyes while talking will always stop stuttering
same as looking directly into a mirror [not very helpful if you have to talk to people though]
or putting your hands over your ears :-)
which is why trying to talk while there is alot of noise in the room is more difficult for a stutterer
having to learn that your not always going to be able to respond to everyone in a chatty group situation [ie a pub] so pick the most important topics for you, trying to be like everyone else is not going to work because your not like everyone else
take your time [everyone says that!] and run through in your head what you are going to say next and replace the words you might have trouble with with easier ones, which is why when your excited you forget about that and so your speech gets bad
make sure you've had enough sleep; your brain has enough trouble processing your voice on a good day, but with less sleep your speach will get alot worse :-)

stuttering its never about getting nervous its about not having enough time to respond, or, thinking that you don't have enough time: thats going back to think before you speek thing

my speech therapy teacher always said [from what i can remember] about talking slower, no one wants to talk like a fucking robot in the really real world, wake up woman! :-)

you can turn every negative stuttering situation into a positive one: my boss boss [the owner] first heard me stutter last year, i always say hello and stuff when he comes down but this time he court me off guard as i had to say something to him quickly before he went; it didn't go well. but, the look on his face while he watched me stutter though my sentance was price-less! it was like he had just realised i was someone from another planet and was just staring at me, it was so funny

hope this helps a little

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