Thursday 15 May 2014

"What do you see?" a short badly writen film review

'Sunshine' [2007]

This went out in the cinemas at the same time as '300' and with all the hype to that film no one really bothered with it, which is such a shame.

On paper the story sounds like main-stream rubbish, but, its so much more than the sum of its parts. just like Danny Boyle's previous work '28 Days Later' ["just another zombie film right?" nope]
The budget was quite low for a film like this, but every penny is put to good use.
The main character of the film is the sun and it has never, ever looked quite so good as this. totally believable in its visual execution, it just looks simply stunning.light doesn't make any real noise but there's some great sound effects for the sun burning into every part of the ship, almost creating a monster with its sound design alone. your just over-powered by its brilliance of light and sound from the outset and you are humbled by the scale and power of the sun which the film conveys, very much like the crew of the Icarus 2.

Never have I come out of the cinema feeling so 
complete as after watching this, it was perhaps my perfect cinema experience to date.

at home turn up the sound and sit as close as you 
can to the screen and you will be belittled by the sunshine

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