Tuesday 18 November 2014

Yoga and cycling

after doing a few bits of research i find out that the main reason for some of my back problems  has come from my love of cycling.
cycling shortens the ham-string muscles that are directly linked to the back thus making bending over and such like hard work. I thought I was just getting old, but, it turns out I will still forever.
I never thought I would be saying this, but, i've taken up yoga to cure the back stiffness [and I must say right now; I am rubbish at it!] we where rubbish at most things  that we start new, but that never stops us from getting better at it.
After just my first sequence I could feel the improvements .  Just 30 minutes or so every other day is nothing in my day, and is a great come-down after a caffined-highed  late night gaming session.
My very small aim is a be able to touch my toes [legs straight], small steps lead to bigger ones

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