Saturday 30 May 2015

a film a day.....

I am trying this year to watch a film a day, with my overall goal being to watch 365 films in 2015.
at first I thought this would be quite easy as I spend more than that on my computer after I get in from work (2 hours) but, if I miss a day with other things in TV and general life getting in the way I have to make it up quite quickly as as the days tick on the number of films to watch increases day by day. after about a month of being one 'plus one' I quickly went negative and I have only today balanced it out again.
things to watch are not ever going to be a problem as I could go over five years never rewatching the same thing again.
we are not half way through the year yet, but I hope to continue until the year is out, we shall see..

if your interested, here's a link to this years films:

 ultraviolet's films in 2015

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